Top 5 Dress Watches from Burei:
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By BUREI | 23 August 2019 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Dress Watches from Burei:

If there is just one word to define a dress watch it is ‘simplicity’. Dress watches have a very minimal, simple yet a very classy feel, that perfectly complements a pricy business suit. Dress watches from Burei, instantly makes you look and feel like a million bucks. They are designed and proportioned to fit your wrist perfectly. Every man dresses to perfection for one occasion or the other, and it would be incomplete without a dress watch. Be it a business event, a job interview or a wedding; a dress watch can never go wrong.
  1. Loire Leather Silver

The Lorie Leather Silver from Burei is a great option for a dress watch. It’sa simple and neat design, has a timeless appeal and would fit perfectly for a formal or a semi-formal event. The sapphire coated glass and the arrowhead dial gives it a distinctive look, yet keeping it classic. This piece from Burei screams sophistication. It also comes in black leather variant, in case you’re planning to go even more classic.
  1. Monochrome Unisex Leather

There’s nothing simpler and classier than monochrome and this watch is just that. It has a very professional and a delicate look and has a flawless blend of retro and modern, which is exactly what a dress watch stands for. This Burei watch comes with a sleek design and has a very comfortable fit. This one can never go wrong for a dress watch.
  1. Peneplains Black Leather

The Peneplains Black Leather comes with a classic Arabicnumber dial which makes this watch stand out. It has a very vintage feel and has a look that would instantly spike your confidence. It has a clean and an elegant look and you will be certainly getting compliments for this one.  It totally has the feel and looks of a high-end wristwatch.
  1. Porto Leather

Porto Leather from Burei’s latest collection is perfect for a business meeting and has a picture-perfect look. This wrist piece is crafted to perfection and works great for any formal and semi-formal event. Round stainless steel dial and a black leather strap always stay evergreen. It has a minimalist design and an expensive feel. This dress watch will make you stand out.
  1. Denali Silver Leather

This watch falls under the Finistere series collection and has a very simple yet luxurious appeal. The silver detailing and the ebony black leather strap can never stop making you shine. Be it a job interview or a business meeting, this one will complete your confident and winning look.
Simplicity and grace is a sure shot victor. So put on your best suit and strap on the perfect dress watch of your choice and stay classy.


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