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A watch can break or make your overall look, when it comes to getting Suited and booted with your personality. Hope you understand the power of wristwatch it’s just the same as like belt or bracelets jewelry. That are small accessory but that can either build your get-up or can be break so the perfect outfit is most import with watch.

To help you to pick out the best timepiece and avoid any fashion faux pos. We are presenting you the finest watches from our collection. I can assure you for the variety of suits for all occasion.

There are two types of watches which are in trends that is watches and digital watches.

Digital watches contain Led or Lcd face display that shows time in numerical form, the straps are used rubber and plastic. That is best outfit for athletic wear also no need to worry about your matching with such kind of watches with your cloths.

While we talk about the watches, these have face with contains hours & minutes, marker or number that display’s a 12 hour cycle.  The quality of such kind watches that are count for classic or formal look which makes best outfits for business for formal events as party and marriage as well or that is perfect watch to wear every day.

In category there is few main sections for men’s watches:
Dress watches – Sleek, normal and modern, the dress watch with a plain white face, no complexities (the functions/additional features on a watch). A face with hash marks, Roman numerals, or no numerals at all includes another dash of style.

Dive watches – Originally intended for underwater jumping & diving, these watches include deep water resistance, metal band and a medium-sized face with striking bold, simple to-peruse Arabic numerals or hash marks. Typically incorporates a date-just difficulty or none at all.

Driver watches - Medium to big in size, with a big dial sporting clear Arabic numerals, and frequently brilliant. Continuously incorporates a chronograph and once in a while a date entanglement too. The case is hardened steel; the tie is metal or leather.

Pilot watches – Made for the cockpit, the pilot watch is medium to big in size, with a curiously large dial, clean, legible numbers, glowing hands, and a date and  there a chronograph for the complications. That’s comes under the leather often.

Field watches - Born from the channels of WWI, field watches are rough, practical, flexible timepieces that are extreme enough for dynamic obligation. That type of watches looks little to medium in size with the leather or canvas, and a face with easy to read Arabic numbers.
Get idea of watch types to a level of Dress Code Formality
Above you have dot the idea of some type of watches now you have need to know which kind of watches are perfect suit for dress code and corresponding outfits.

Black Tie & white tie watches – Traditionally, you were not noticed to wear watch to a black and white tie affair at all. Or if you wear watch you didn’t supposed to check it publically. A formal event ia a time out of time and the possibility you should loose yourself in that occasion. A simple classy dress watch with a small leather band can be considering for such kind of places now a days.

Business Dress suits – For this category generally preferred simple classy gold or silver watches with thin dial with limited features and normal look without complications. A Dark conservative suits is the best paired with a professional dress watch. You can choose leather strap as well but the simple satrap with metal is also a great options.

Sharp casual’s watches - Here we can take the watches which fulfill our outfits with button down shirts, jeans, and leather shoes & sports coat as well. That is most complimented by more casual’s pilot, racing or for field watches.

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