Do you understand – Chronometer vs. Chronograph
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By BUREI | 22 August 2019 | 0 Comments

Do you understand – Chronometer vs. Chronograph

Chronometer and Chronograph sounds similar words, and both are related to watches, yet they feature different characteristics as Chronometer is something related to accuracy and Chronograph is linked to the Stopwatch function and both are really important measures to be considered while choosing a high quality, reliable and accurate timepiece where precision and accuracy is the most vital aspect to consider e.g. Olympics where both measuring and recording the time depends on the exactness provided by the watch. Let us understand the difference between Chronometer and Chronograph.
Chronometer is a measure to determine how well the timepiece or watch performs. Mainly, the performance of chronometer is dependent on precision. A watch when passes a standard test for the accuracy, is then certified as a ‘Chronometer’. A chronometer is a device used to measure the time accurately and is certified by Official Swiss Chronometer testing Institute named ‘COSC’ after passing an intense precision test over a 15-day period. In the precision test, the timepiece is kept in several positions for various days at different temperatures to measure the time and qualify the accuracy to be termed as Chronometer.
Chronograph is a watch with an additional stopwatch function or in simple words, Chronograph is a special type of watch which can be used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch having a separate second hand that keeps sweeping. The second hand of the chronograph can be started or stopped by applying pressure on it. Chronograph watch will have dials to keep track of the time and record the time accurately with easy to use start/stop functionality.
Chronometer vs. Chronograph
  1. Chronometer is a performance function whereas Chronograph is an additional stopwatch function.
  2. Chronometer is used to accurately measure time whereas Chronograph is used to accurately record time.
  3. Chronometer can be a chronograph and vice-versa i.e. both the features can be available in the same watch. Rolex Daytona, Omega Speedmaster Automatic are the example of a chronograph with high precision chronometer.
  4. Chronometer is an ongoing watch performance whereas Chronograph works when the larger second hand is moved after you start the chronograph.
  5. Chronometer has nothing to do with the watch functions whereas chronograph itself refers to a function of a watch i.e. to record the time.
So, the chronometer is a device that undergoes daily tests in five positions( 3 o’ clock, 6 o’ clock, 9 o’ clock, dial on top, dial on bottom) under different temperatures( 8 degree, 23 degree and 38 degree Celsius) for various criteria to be certified to measure accurate time and Chronograph is a stopwatch function in a watch which is commonly used by sports persons to accurately record their performance.

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