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By BUREI | 28 June 2020 | 0 Comments


We have our moments where we feel utterly disconnected from the life that we currently have. No matter what we do, there’s just something that feels incomplete within ourselves and we need some time to reflect, to define our center… to get back our feet on the ground. It doesn’t matter how high our cloud is, we must remember to keep ourselves humble.
Being successful in whichever paths that we choose isn’t a bad thing but there should also be a time to remind ourselves of where we started to keep ourselves grounded. Time passes by so fast and we always need to remind ourselves of how we started. We should always have something that speaks “This is where I started. This is my humble beginnings”.

And Burei has just the right accessory for humble beginnings.
Some small facts about Burei is that they are an amazing watch-making company that has, in some sort of way, revolutionized the way a watch is made. With their one-of-a-kind standard list and the desire to producce high-quality watches, Burei isn’t far behind leading watch brands. They continue to stamp their beliefs on their watches and the results are lovely reviews.
Now, what does Burei has got to do with defining your center?
As we said in the previous paragraphs, we should always remind ourselves on where we started, how we reached the spot of success that we’re currently in. And one of the things that can help us stay grounded is through something that expresses humility, simplicity, the beauty of living in the days of innocence. And Burei has the perfect watch for that: the Scepter watch collection.
The Scepter watch collection has a total of six watches with a color scheme mixture of single-toned and dual-toned watches. Made from high-grade materials, these watches are made for comfort and style. And though the watch face is given a very basic watch concept design, it still gives you that feeling of high fashion which is a big bonus point for Burei.
You might be wondering why this collection is perfect for defining one’s center, am I right?
Like we previously mentioned, we need something that reminds us of simplicity and humility. At the same time, this “something” should also show the beauty of the success one has accomplished. And that’s exactly what this collection can offer.
We previously mentioned that the watch face design of the Scepter collection is simple: basic numbering system and a simple date indicator on the sign. This design is perfect to remind us that we were once like this: simple but beautiful already. We all started from something simple, even nothing.
And with the numbering system all replaced with beautiful crystals, these crystals can symbolize the beauty of our hard work, how long we’ve come from where we started. The watches in this collection can simply tell your story and keep you grounded.
What’s even more better is that the Scepter watch collection is applicable for the customization option by Burei, which is engravement. Engrave something on your watch to remind you of your starting line. Look at it always to keep your feet firmly on the ground.
Time move so quickly and it can change a lot in our lives. But we must never lose who we truly are. And if it does happen, find something to remind you of how you began. Always know your true self.

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